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The Builders Association of Elkhart County

Our goal is to help builders and other home related service providers navigate the industry and offer better service to consumers. We also strive to then be a resource to home owners in Michiana by connecting them with home professionals that can help with things like building a new home, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, pools, and much more.

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Elkhart Home & Outdoor Expo | February 22-24

Come and experience the Elkhart Home & Outdoor Expo where you’ll see a diverse selection of exhibitors.  Each booth has professionals ready discuss your home improvement. Get an early start this year with professional help for your home & outdoor areas!

Builders Association News

Member Spotlight: James Byars

James Byars has been involved with the BAEC for three years and will be the President in 2022. He is the Vice President of Sales for both Fireside Homes, Inc and Hearth Homes, Inc. James went to Pensacola Christian College and earned two BA’s in Marketing/Management,...

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Member Spotlight – Justin Hurtekant

    Justin Hurtekant is the owner of Inspired Custom Homes, INC and joined the BAEC in 2016. Justin has been married for twenty-five years and has four children. He grew up in Elkhart and he met is wife in 1st grade at Elkhart Christian Academy. Before starting his...

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Grills: Charcoal vs. Gas

We did a survey to find out what type of grill our members enjoy using for their summer cooking. The results are in: 51.43% prefer a gas grill, 25.71% prefer a charcoal grill, and 22.86% use both. Charcoal vs. Gas has been a debate for many years, but when it comes to...

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