Just like houses, websites can become outdated and need a remodel. That’s exactly what the BAEC experienced. We made a commitment in 2017 to remodel the site that we have had since 2005. When we analyzed the site we found that not only was the design out of date, but the flow and content did not serve our visitors well. We carefully considered proposals from three different local web design companies. We ultimately decided to use Kyle Johnson and his team at Blackwood Creative. Blackwood is a current member of the BAEC and serves on the Marketing and Advertising committee helping us plan and execute media buys and website updates.

The process of putting together this new site was thorough. We plotted out Key Performance Indicators, layout, flow, design, and more. The web design process takes time and attention to detail. Our goal was to create an online presence that made it easy for visitors to find what they want. We also wanted our event pages to be easily found in search engines.

“Working with Kim and Brandy to create this site was a lot of fun. They knew what they liked, but they gave our team the flexibility to be creative. Ultimately, we think the final product landed really well and we’re excited to continue this solid relationship with the BAEC.”

– Kyle Johnson, CEO of Blackwood

We agree with Kyle, the final product turned out better than we imagined. We also love that we can make any changes we want, all on our own. This is a testament to the type of members we have at the BAEC, reliable and professional.