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Spring is here! No fooling! For the first month, I do not need to lead with a weather report for our communities. Certainly, the past 30 days have been a trying time for all our neighbors as we worked to complete the drying out process. I have at- tended many chamber events and annual City meetings dur- ing the past month and it never ceases to amaze how when our communities, our chambers, our businesses, and our gov- ernment leaders put aside their differences how much can be accomplished together.

After the Home and Outdoor Expo Show, we let Kim and Brandy take a deep breath (only one) and now all our sights are set on the next two events! In just a few weeks the asso- ciation will host the Associate Fair during our April GeneralMembership Meeting. The “Table Top Night” is a chance forour members to promote their businesses, but also a chance for all of us – the builders, the board members, and fellow associates – to take the opportunity to thank them all for be- ing a member. Even better an active member! Honestly with- out our entire membership working as one it would be virtual- ly impossible to do what we do to help make the home build- ing industry strong and prosperous in Elkhart County.

76 days and counting!

The Parade of Homes Plus is coming fast and everyone is working hard to make this a year that will be remembered foryears to come. Donna Troyer’s team continues to work onbringing new ideas to the table and Pat Graham and the VIP committee are committed to bringing the celebration to the entire community. And of course, none of this would be possi- ble without the hard work of Kim and Brandy. Over the next couple of months there will be much work to do and chances to volunteer to help. Too many to list here, but it is a chancefor us all to work as one (seems like this month’s theme).Many hands make for easier lifting!

Every indication is for this year being another great year for the home builders, and by association all trades, lenders, realtors, and vendors. We have been riding the high cycle for the last few years and the economy, job reports, and even though the interest rates are a little bit higher the future, still looks very bright.

See you all at the April meeting on the 19th at the Matterhorn.