Mandy Leazenby

Mandy Leazenby has been a member of the Builders Association of Elkhart County for 8 years with her company TRA Certifications, which has been a member since 1991. In March 2018, Mandy was announced as President of TRA, and for that, we would like to congratulate her! She is a young professional with a bright future, and the BAEC is proud to have her as our first Member Spotlight.

Currently, Mandy and her fiancé Cory live in Elkhart with their two dogs and one cat. Mandy has her BS in Business with a focus on Marketing, as well as certifications as a LEED AP, Certified Green Professional and HERS Rater. She said that she got her current promotion because “everything fell into place” between knowing the right people and her strong business sense, along with hard work and determination. Mandy got her first certification over nine years ago and continues to be involved to this day.

Mandy is also involved in many committees. She is a member of the Activities Committee for the BAEC, as well as the Secretary for the Board of Directors. Mandy is involved in Rotary, CASA, the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, and the Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission. Being a part of the BAEC has given Mandy many opportunities to network, get new business, and just have a great time with great people. About being active within the BAEC, Mandy said, “If I simply showed up to the occasional meeting or event, I wouldn’t have as much of an opportunity to build relationships with other members. Being active on a committee, or with the board shows that I care about the Association, its goals, and the success of all of its members. I see these people more than some of my family! So, they’ve become like a family to me. I see it in how comfortable members are talking freely and that everyone’s opinion matters. I couldn’t ask for more in an Association. And when I’ve asked builders how they chose me to help them with their Energy needs, they usually say ‘it’s because we see you all the time.’ That’s funny to me, but it also shows that being involved has multiple benefits.” Mandy is also a real estate agent, and although she doesn’t do a whole lot of business at this time, she knows if/when she decides to do more listings, the Builders Association of Elkhart County will be there to help her along the way.