Justin Hurtekant is the owner of Inspired Custom Homes, INC and joined the BAEC in 2016. Justin has been married for twenty-five years and has four children. He grew up in Elkhart and he met is wife in 1st grade at Elkhart Christian Academy. Before starting his own business, he worked for Oakbrook and helped start Hearth Homes. Currently, Inspired Custom Homes has three employees and they cover all surrounding counties near Elkhart, as well as the lower counties in Michigan.

Justin will be the 2020 President of the BAEC and he currently sits on the Board of Directors. When asked what his favorite part of being a member is, he responded, “it’s all about the comradery”. He enjoys the networking, but his favorite part of being involved in the Builders Association of Elkhart County is knowing that he and all of our members are here to make sure the industry’s way of life is protected. Justin also said the BAEC events have been fruitful for him. Inspired Custom Homes was in the Parade of Homes in 2017 and said that he received seven new home starts from the event!

Another topic we discussed is the Build Your Future Indiana Program (blog post on that coming soon). Justin is excited to be a part of this program as he sees a need for it every day. The average age of his subcontractors is fifty-five years. The BYFI Program will allow people in the industry, such as Justin, to speak with the youth in high schools, middle schools, career fairs, etc. about why the trades industry might be the right move for them after graduation from high school.

Justin Hurtekant loves his family and his community. He also enjoys brewing his own beers and hard ciders, as well as gardening and riding his motorcycle in the spring/summer. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Justin and Inspired Custom Homes. Thank you for all you do, Justin!