In February, the BAEC put on the annual Home & Outdoor Expo. While discussing the event with Josh Welker, the chairperson of the Remodelers Council for 2017 said, “I enjoyed the fast-track business skills required to grow the BAEC Home & Outdoor Expo in a short period of time. My experiences growing my 18-year old landscape construction company were valuable resources I utilized. The Remodelers Committee, Board of Directors, MAC (Marketing and Advertising Committee), and our local contractors tasked me to grow the BAEC Home & Outdoor Expo into a premier home improvement event. Based on the excitement surrounding this annual event, the sold-out booth-space, and higher attendance, our ambitious goals were achieved!”

This Expo takes a lot of work to put on and to have it run smoothly. The committee, volunteers, and the BAEC staff worked together to make the 2018 Home & Outdoor Expo the best one yet. With over eighty vendors, the patrons that visited were able to talk to contractors, designers, and even see an amazing piano display. Not to mention the awesome food that Sports Time catered, the free hot chocolate, and wine tastings from Fruit Hills Winery.

With nearly 1000 attendees, the Home & Outdoor Expo provided a great service to the community. Shortly before the Expo, many homes were disturbed by flooding and many people needed help with finding contractors to help them fix their homes. They Expo provided the community with not only a range of experts in their field, but also people were able to talk to the contractor face to face.

During the Expo, we also offered seminars for anyone interested. These seminars ranged from arranging your closet to fertilizing your lawn. Martin’s School of Cooking was even there! This year the BAEC went live on Facebook during these seminars and with over 600 views, we look forward to doing these videos in the coming years. Philip Sleeseman from Doors & Drawers said, “The opportunity to be one of the seminar speakers was invaluable for my business. Several attendees expressed to the BAEC staff and myself that they attended the Expo specifically because of my seminar and I have contracted jobs as a result”! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram in order to view these live seminars. Or, even better, come check out the 2019 Home & Outdoor Expo!