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Why Should I Join the BAEC?

You’ve heard of the Builders Association of Elkhart County, but have you ever wondered if the BAEC is something that would benefit you and your business? If the answer is yes, read on and find out why the BAEC is a smart choice for you. If you answered no, the...

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Home & Outdoor Expo 2018

In February, the BAEC put on the annual Home & Outdoor Expo. While discussing the event with Josh Welker, the chairperson of the Remodelers Council for 2017 said, “I enjoyed the fast-track business skills required to grow the BAEC Home & Outdoor Expo in a...

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The Builders Association Launches New Website

Just like houses, websites can become outdated and need a remodel. That's exactly what the BAEC experienced. We made a commitment in 2017 to remodel the site that we have had since 2005. When we analyzed the site we found that not only was the design out of date, but...

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